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We are disrupting commercial music.

Unlike conventional commercial music created solely to enhance the advertising and marketing content companies use to sell their products, Mobile Steam Unit creates music for the people who make up the company itself. Our songs inspire employees to celebrate their company’s mission, enhance brand allegiance, and bring teams together to build extraordinary culture.

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Live Performances

Years on the road have taught us that when it comes to connecting music products with music audiences, there's nothing more powerful than an awesome live performance. That's why here at Mobile Steam Unit we live for live. Whether you're booking a breakfast conference, happy hour or a music festival, MSU will create the perfect musical experience tailor-made just for you. What are you waiting for? Get in touch and book a show today!

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Business is crucial, but it isn't everything. That's why Mobile Steam Unit makes art. Unlike our client work, MSU's artwork targets our most demanding client: our own souls. It's a mad world, and sometimes the only way to survive it is to turn on, turn up, and beg for forgiveness!

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Our products empower companies to celebrate their core mission and elevate their culture.

Mobile Steam Unit injected a generous dose of energy and creativity into our conference. Their performance of our conference theme song got the audience invigorated and was a surprise treat for our staff working the event. Everyone loved it!

Nina Cioni
Culture Amp, Team Lead, Event Marketing
Live Performance & Theme Song

THEY WERE AWESOME!! The guys and their music were just the perfect set up for the event. Hope to work with them in the future again.

Alexandra Schiel
DLD, Head of Operations & Program
Live Performance & Theme Song

What Mobile Steam Unit does is unique. They delivered a customized theme for our Accelerator Awesome Conference in what might have been the world’s first conference song. And then, just moments later, made people dance to video game music. Well done guys, keep it weird and awesome!

Felix Zeltner
Work Awesome, Cofounder
Live Performance & Theme Song

My team fell in love with the song when they performed it live for us. It’s fun, informative, and inspirational. We have incorporated the recording they made into our new hire onboarding materials, and we frequently send the song to customers.

Rick Nucci
GURU, Cofounder & CEO
Theme Song

Donut simply could not exist without this song. Our mission is to improve company culture at the global scale: to strengthen employee bonds, to create a supportive and inclusive onboarding experience. And that's exactly what our theme song does for our employees here at Donut: it creates bonds, pushes us to cohere around our mission–it strengthens our culture.

Sarah Arnold
Donut, Cofounder
Theme song

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